4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your iOS App UI

It’s common for UI design to be one of the last things development teams think about when creating iOS apps. This includes situations when the developers need to relay what they need to the designer, often uncomfortably close to the launch date.

It’s also common, in scenarios like this, to have designers not specifically familiar with iOS, creating UIs that look great on other platforms, but end up looking messy and buggy when ported to iOS.


4 Little-Known Tips For Getting Your App Through Apple’s Store Review

Building and publishing an app is a complex process. One of the last things you have to do before your app can go live on the App Store is passing Apple’s App Store Review. The challenge is that Apple isn’t always completely clear about the Review process. You would think Apple would want greater clarity on Read more about 4 Little-Known Tips For Getting Your App Through Apple’s Store Review[…]

Working Remotely: Best Practices for Distributed iOS development

2020 was the year so many businesses were pushed into remote work to survive. The number of Americans working remotely more than a day a week has exploded from less than 25% to more than 67%. And, for many, it has been popular. Working remotely will be more common, even after the global pandemic has Read more about Working Remotely: Best Practices for Distributed iOS development[…]

What makes a good iOS team manager?

In any organization, you have a hierarchy. The opinions or comments of executives and managers carry authority employees will feel compelled to respond to. And this is a problem if that organization’s business is iOS development. Traditional methods of business management and current methods of iOS development don’t work very well together. A good iOS team manager does things differently.


Apple Watch Series 6 unlocks exciting future for developers

Apple unveiled its brand-new Apple Watch Series 6 on September 15 with some fanfare. This was followed the next day by the release of the Watch’s latest operating system, WatchOS 7. 

This is a big deal for Apple app developers – the new hardware and software offer new features that significantly raise the bar for what is possible with the Watch. Apple has given us the tools to create more sophisticated kinds of apps, both standalone for the Watch, as well as companions for iOS.