Testing Your Application

How to avoid iOS app failure with Test-Driven Development

It is surprisingly easy to build the wrong thing in iOS app development. For instance we can easily build something that doesn’t meet client or customer needs. On the other hand, It’s also fairly easy to build the right thing, but have it not work properly. A simple, reliable way to avoid this is by using Test-Driven Development.

swift or cross-platform

Native App Development and Its Advantages

While cross-platform mobile development has become a trend when it comes to making apps, people still ask us regularly when it is worth getting an app developed natively. The fact is, you can get adequate results with cross-platform development tools in many instances. However, for a more optimal user experience and easier maintenance, there are important reasons to consider native app development.

Building an iOS App

How to Set a Realistic Project Budget for Your iOS App

If you are contemplating building an app for the first time, or maybe you’re looking to get an existing one ported to iOS or another mobile platform, it may be difficult to figure out how much it will cost and what a realistic project budget for it looks like. A quick look in the App Store might convince you that everyone has one and they are easy to make. However, creating a good-quality app is usually a lot of work.