Apple Watch Series 6 unlocks exciting future for developers

Apple unveiled its brand-new Apple Watch Series 6 on September 15 with some fanfare. This was followed the next day by the release of the Watch’s latest operating system, WatchOS 7. 

This is a big deal for Apple app developers – the new hardware and software offer new features that significantly raise the bar for what is possible with the Watch. Apple has given us the tools to create more sophisticated kinds of apps, both standalone for the Watch, as well as companions for iOS.

Apple Watch 2020 with Steve Lipton

EmpowerApps.Show – Apple Watch 2020 with Steve Lipton

In this episode, Leo talks with Steve Lipton about the Apple Watch. We go into detail on the September Apple Event, watchOS 7, iOS 14 release, Apple Watch Series 6, and more. We talk about: Surprise! iOS 14 is out September Event Apple Watch Series 6 Family Setup Apple Watch SE vs Series 3 SwiftUI Read more about EmpowerApps.Show – Apple Watch 2020 with Steve Lipton[…]