October 19, 2017

Our Services

No matter your project, BrightDigit offers a number of solutions. Our experienced team not only create solutions for your needs, our project management and communication sets us apart from other development shops. See how BrightDigit can support your existing team, create your project from start to finish, or offer expertise in other ways.

Mobile Development

mobile development

At BrightDigit, we can deliver the right mobile solution for your business needs. No matter the platform, our team can complete the project from start to finish, or complement the team you already have in place. Our experience in a variety of fields and with a mix of types of mobile projects give you the benefits of full team without the cost or bulk.

Apple Development

BrightDigit is go-to for Apple/Swift development in Lansing, Michigan and beyond. From apps for use on iPads and iPhones, to wearables including the Apple Watch, BrightDigit is the expert. Outside groups frequently seek out our expertise in this space for training and talks. We also host two Meet-up groups in Lansing concerning Apple/Swift development and mobile development in marketing.