1. Episode #20
  2. Aug 24, 2019
  3. 1h 4m
  4. 1h 5m

WWDC 2019 - Mac Development with Daniel Jalkut

WWDC 2019 - Mac Development with Daniel Jalkut

In this episode we talk with Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software about what's new in Mac Development post-WWDC 2019.
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WWDC 2019

  • SwiftUI is the Future but is it Ready?
  • SwiftUI and Pragmatic Adoption and Migration

How has Apple changed over the years?

  • Apple conservative approach towards change
  • Not Releasing First

What happened to Marzipan?

  • Project Catalyst vs. SwiftUI
  • Using SwiftUI with AppKit
  • Artisanal vs Cross-Platform
  • Why would a company develop using Catalyst?
  • Pragmatism vs Art in Product Development
    • How does Apple develop products?
    • Leading by Design
  • Would you use SwiftUI in a Brand New App?

Future of macOS

Running an App Business

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