1. Episode #11
  2. Apr 20, 2019
  3. 27m
  4. 27m

External Developers with Jaim Zuber

External Developers with Jaim Zuber

In this episode, we talk with Jaim Zuber of Sharp Five Software of what companies should know when hiring an outside contract developer.
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Guest: Jaim Zuber of Sharp Five Software 

Sharp Five Software

Jaim Zuber Blog

March 25 Apple Event

  • Not following Apple Events 
  • Cable Cutters
  • New Macs

What does that mean working with external developers?

  • Types of Developers
  • Employees vs. Consultants
  • Mobile Developer vs. iOS Developer
  • Types of Consultants

What is the best way to know you have a good developer?

  • How about “cheaper” developers?
  • What are other gotchas with developers?

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