1. Episode #27
  2. Nov 3, 2019
  3. 42m
  4. 42m

Media Outreach with Jeff Gamet

Media Outreach with Jeff Gamet

In this episode we talk with Jeff Gamet from Smile about how to get how to get your message to media, bloggers, and podcasters about your app.
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Importance of Reaching the Press

  • Clear messaging prevents uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Pay attention and communicate with users
  • Get insight from the users by scheduling calls
  • Cater your messaging to your audience
  • Using PR Services (ex. PRLog) are helpful but personal relationships are important

Going to the Right Audience

  • Based on the target device (Android vs iOS) and industry, pitch to right journalists
  • Talk to developers who have done apps in that space
  • Make sure the press release service aligns with your app

The Email - Important Components 

  • What is it - Software, Hardware, etc...
  • What does it do - Email Client, Music Player, iPhone Case, etc...
  • Who is it for - for the iPhone, for the Apple Watch, for Windows PCs, etc...
  • Why should I care/What makes it special/What need does it fill
    • Email Client - AI based Spam Filter for Administrative Assistant

The Email - Subject Line Mistakes 

  • Ambiguous or Unclear Subject Line
  • Being Too Clever
  • Pretending Like You're Looping Back
  • Timing is Important
  • Keeping It Fresh
  • When to Actually Follow-Up

How to build a Media Kit

  • High Resolution Screenshots - PNG or JPEG
  • Logos - SVG and PNG or JPEG
  • Product Information - PDF - not Microsoft Word
  • Reviewers Guide
    • Walkthrough Documentation
    • FAQ - Addresses questions the media will have
    • Required Files or Info - Example Files, Logins, etc...
  • Contact Info - email address, social media, home page
  • Videos optional - Youtube Link (for in-use) or GIF (for screenshots) 

How Can Companies Integrate the Messaging Early On

  • Think About the Messaging Early In the Development Process
  • Think About How It's Presented As It's Developed
  • Mom Test - Rope In Friends and Family
  • Look at Other PR Pages such as TextExpander's
  • Live Stream or Schedule Live Presentations Usage of the App
  • Using the Press for Recruiting Beta Testing

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