1. Episode #29
  2. Nov 24, 2019
  3. 43m
  4. 43m

Managing iOS Development with Peter Witham

Managing iOS Development with Peter Witham

In this episode, Leo talks with Peter Witham of the CompileSwift podcast about managing iOS development teams and dealing with new technologies.
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Release Cycles

  • Should Apple keep releasing on a yearly cycle?
  • Rough 2019 Release with iOS and macOS
  • How iOS 13 is the first significant release since iOS 7

iPad vs MacBook

Dealing with App Store and Teams

  • Certificates and Profiles
  • Working with Source Control
  • Agreeing on Xcode Version

Is Swift UI Ready For New Projects?

  • Depends on Audience and User Base
  • Lack of Documentation
  • Dealing with New Technical Hurdles
  • Big Improvement over UIKit
  • How to deal with UI Development right now?

Changes Over The Years for Teams

  • Better Handling of Remote Teams
  • Xcode Improvements
  • How Apple's culture affects the developer experience?
  • How to Deal with Decisions as Team Lead
  • Dealing with Third-Party Dependencies
  • Source Control Improvements
  • Using Gitolite for Local Hosted Git
  • Introducing New Technologies With Tomorrow in Mind
  • Realizing the Soft in Software

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