1. Episode #34
  2. Jan 12, 2020
  3. 52m
  4. 52m

Server-Side Swift with Tim Condon

Server-Side Swift with Tim Condon

'In this episode, Leo talks with Tim Condon about Server-Side Swift and
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How does Vapor compare With other backends?

  • Why not use CloudKit or Firebase?
  • How does it compare to NodeJS, Ruby, .Net or PHP?
  • Limitation of various programming languages
  • Preferred Database Backend
  • What's the difference between Vapor and other Server-Side Swift backend frameworks?
  • What is the Server-Side Group and SwiftNIO?

Using Vapor Today

  • Is it ready for production?
  • What are some considerations a dev team should make?
  • What's the best way to get started?
  • What plugins are available? (Database, Authentication, Leaf, etc...)
  • What are differences with Swift on the server vs. the client?
  • How can you share code correctly between iOS and the server?

The Future of Vapor 4

  • What improvements are being made in Vapor 4?
  • How does SwiftNIO2 affect Vapor?
  • How does Swift 5 change the way database models work?
  • How has SwiftUI and Combine affected Vapor and the way HTML is rendered?

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