1. Episode #36
  2. Feb 2, 2020
  3. 1h 9m
  4. 1h 10m

Upgrading Your Skills in 2020 with Paul Hudson

Upgrading Your Skills in 2020 with Paul Hudson

In this episode, Leo is joined by Paul Hudson of hackingwithswift.com about how to upgrade your skills and your team's skills in 2020.
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Conference Thoughts

  • Cultural Differences 
  • Why Speakers Should Be Available To Attendees
  • The Challenges of Putting On Conferences
  • Organizers Making Attendees Happy
  • Having Really Nice Venue
  • Workshops vs Talks
  • Where Does the Community Fall Short with Inclusivity and Accessibility
  • Having Children-Friendly and Budget-Friendly Events

What to Upgrade Skills and Why

  • Where Do You Want to Be In a Year?
  • Ask People In Those Positions
  • The Technology Field Demands Continuing Education
  • Continuing Education means New APIs but also...
    • Older APIs - UIKit, Networking, Unit Testing, etc...
    • Swift Syntax
    • Patterns and Practice

Dealing with Updates to Swift 

Upgrading Your Core Skills

  • Why it's important to have Core Skills and not just Coding Skills?
  • The Importance of Good Internal Presentation 
  • Why Senior Developers need Good Communication Skills
  • Picking Up on Impromptu Speaking Skills
  • Don't Feel Obligated Into a Role such as Public Speaker

Upgrading Your Swift Skills

  • Paul's Thoughts on SwiftUI
  • Understanding The New Patterns of SwiftUI
  • The Importance of Unit Testing
  • Ash Farrow on JS vs Swift
  • The Complexity of Xcode

Upgrading Other Tech Skills

  • Git and Version Control
  • Learning New and Different Tools
  • Terminal and Bash Scripting
  • Regular Expressions
  • Try Swift on other Devices
  • Be curious about other languages and platforms

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