1. Episode #41
  2. Mar 22, 2020
  3. 40m
  4. 40m

Notifications with Kaya Thomas

Notifications with Kaya Thomas

In this episode, Leo talks with Kaya Thomas about how to use notifications in your app and why they are important.
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Why Notifications Are Important

  • Can encourage user engagement 
  • Notify of updates and messages
  • Need to be trustworthy and needless
  • Onboarding helps make Notifications more welcoming

What are the different types of Notifications?

  • Local vs Remote Push Notifications
  • Remote Notifications are ideal for complex logic and messaging
  • How Rich Notifications Work

What are the challenges in implementation of Notifications?

  • Using Enums to Implement Notifications
  • How Categories and Actions Work
  • Using NWPusher to Test Remote Notifications
  • Big Improvement Coming to Xcode 11.4
  • How to Unit Test with Abstractions and Mocking

How Push Notifications Work?

  • Implementing Remote Notifications on the Server
  • Using Cloud Based Services for Push Notifications such as Firebase
  • Using Beams for Testing Push Notifications
  • How APNS works
  • Dealing with APNS Issues
  • Understanding APNS Throttling

How to making Notifications part of the design process?

  • How would Notification make the app more useful?
  • Would it help the user engage more?
  • Keep complex actions in the app as opposed to the Notification UI
  • Being responsible with how Notifications are used
  • Stay up-to-date with Apple's guidelines

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