1. Episode #44
  2. Apr 8, 2020
  3. 41m
  4. 41m

WWDC Spectacular (Part 2) with Peter Witham

WWDC Spectacular (Part 2) with Peter Witham

In the second part of this two part episode, Leo talks again with Peter Witham about the new Apple hardware releases and specifically the new iPad Pro. In the first part we talked about WWDC 2020 and remote work in general.
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Apple March Updates

  • Why can't the Mac Mini fill the desktop gap to Mac Pro?
  • How the Mac mini works as a background server for CI, Video, etc...
  • Is the Mac Book Air sufficient for a beginner developer?
  • Is the iPad Pro enough for "real work"?
  • Why prefer iPad over Mac Book
  • The "Surfacing" of the iPad Pro
  • Portrait vs Landscape
  • The New iPad Pro Magic Keyboard
  • Leo's iPad Stands and Keyboard Cases
  • Peter's iPad Brydge Keyboard Case
  • The limitations of touch for interaction
  • Will voice controls and Siri continue to improve?
  • Does age matter in how we expect to interact with technology?
  • Does LidAR help VR supplant AR?
  • What LidAR means for developers?

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