1. Episode #53
  2. Jun 22, 2020
  3. 14m
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WWDC 2020 - Quick Thoughts

WWDC 2020 - Quick Thoughts

In this episode, Leo goes all the big developments revealed on the first day include iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS 11 Big Sur, and what people need to know about the new Apple Silicon.
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iOS 14

  • Widgets
  • App Clips
  • Default Apps Allowed
  • Clearer Privacy Policies

iPadOS 14

  • Scribble for Apple Pencil
  • Shape Parsing(?) for Apple Pencil
  • New UI Elements like Sidebar

macOS 11 - Big Sur

  • Big UI Changes and Refresh
  • Improved Catalyst Look
  • New Icons
  • Improvements to Safari Web Extensions

Apple Silicon on the Mac

  • More Performance Per Watt
  • $500 Developer Tool Kit (Mac mini) for Rent
  • Major Software and Tools All Ready
    • Unity, Microsoft, Adobe, Homebrew, etc...
  • Virtualization available for Server-Side Development
  • Building for Universal Apps in Xcode for both CPU Architectures 
  • Rosetta 2 for Emulation
  • Can Run iOS Apps Natively

More Thoughts

🕵️‍♀️Find My _ (i.e. Apple Tags) is a certification similar to HomeKit
⌚️Wish there was more watchOS improvements
🌊Want to try Big Sur
🛠Looking forward to try Xcode 12 and talking about it next week with Vadim Shpakovski

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