1. Episode #54
  2. Jul 1, 2020
  3. 26m
  4. 26m

WWDC 2020 and Xcode 12 with Vadim Shpakovski - Part 1

WWDC 2020 and Xcode 12 with Vadim Shpakovski - Part 1

In this two-part episode Leo talks with Vadim Shpakovski, author of NativeConnect, about WWDC 2020. In the first part, they go over their overall thoughts on this year's format and the updates to iOS 14, watchOS 7, and iPadOS 14. In the next episode, they will cover the updates to the Mac, Xcode 12, and Swift 5.3.
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WWDC 2020 from Home

  • Big Mac Year After So Many Years 
  • The Slow Unification of Apple Operating Systems
  • The Slow Unification of User Interface
  • Our Thoughts on the Format
  • The Excitement of Speaking with Apple Engineers Remotely
  • Tight Video Content

iOS 14, watchOS 7, iPadOS 

  • Widgets similarity to watchOS complications
  • Similarities to Android
  • The New App Library
  • App Clips might encourage businesses
  • SwiftUI Complications on the Apple Watch
  • More Mobility metrics on the watch
  • Improvements to Spotlight
  • Minimize Full-Screen Overtaking - Phone Calls, Siri, Spotlight
  • Is touch coming to the Mac?
  • The Power of Scribble on the iPad
  • Default Apps on iOS

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