1. Episode #56
  2. Jul 12, 2020
  3. 29m
  4. 29m

SwiftUI with Majid Jabrayilov - Part 1

SwiftUI with Majid Jabrayilov - Part 1

In this two part interview, Leo talks with Majid Jabrayilov about SwiftUI one year after its release. In this first part, we talk about whether it is production ready, all the new updates from WWDC 2020, challenges implmenting SwiftUI, as well as well it works on all platforms.
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What's New in SwiftUI

SwiftUI - Benefits and Issues

  • Benefits of SwiftUI over UIKit
  • How Declarative Programming is an Improvement
  • Limitation of Static Navigation Views
  • SwiftUI on watchOS
  • SwiftUI on tvOS
  • Learning Curve with SwiftUI

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