1. Episode #75
  2. Dec 29, 2020
  3. 35m
  4. 35m

Year of the Server with Tim Condon - Part 2

Year of the Server with Tim Condon - Part 2

In this second part of our interview with Tim Condon, we follow up on Async/Await and Vapor 5, Amazon and server-side Swift, hosting, frameworks, development, and what we look forward to in 2021.
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Youtube Video - https://youtu.be/VMNvZtw9OyU

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Vapor 5 and Async/Await

  • How Async/Await affects SwiftNIO
  • How Async/Await affects EventLoopFuture
  • Performances vs Maintainability 
  • What is the timeline on Async/Await

Amazon and Server-Side Swift

  • What is Soto?
  • What Amazon web services Soto supports?
  • How to integrate Soto into your sever-side Swift project?
  • What is Smoke?

Important Server-Side Frameworks

  • Smoke, Kitura, and Chaqmoq
  • Logging and Metrics
  • Job and Queue Management
  • Swift Tracing

Server-Side Swift in the Real World

  • Where to Host Your Server-Side App
  • Is Server-Side Swift Production Ready
  • Growth of Server-Side Acceptance in 2020
  • Differences from iOS Development
  • Scaling Your Server-Side Application
  • Can You Develop in Swift outside of Xcode?

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