1. Episode #81
  2. Feb 26, 2021
  3. 44m
  4. 44m

Awaiting for Async with Vincent Pradeilles

Awaiting for Async with Vincent Pradeilles

In this episode, Leo talks with Vincent Pradeilles about the new async and await features coming to Swift. Leo and Vincent get into the challenges adopting it and the design around as well as how it helps to help with building multi-threaded asynchronous applications.
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Youtube Video - https://youtu.be/hcVJSu7we5w

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Dealing with Asynchronous Calls Now

  • Dealing with GCD
  • History of CPU Cores and Asynchronous Programming
  • Power of GCD and Queues
  • How Promises fit in with Swift
  • Managing Network Call Asynchronously
  • Dealing with UI Changes
  • What is a DispatchGroup

What Await and Async Provide

  • Avoiding Blocking the Main Thread
  • Subscribing/Publisher vs Async/Await
  • How do Tasks work
  • How to get started now with Async and Await
  • What are Continuations
  • What is an Unsafe Continuation
  • Dealing with Errors in Async Functions
  • How do parallel asynchronous tasks
  • How Combine works with Async/Await

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