1. Episode #83
  2. Mar 13, 2021
  3. 34m
  4. 34m

Interviewing Tips with Kim Arnett

Interviewing Tips with Kim Arnett

In this episode, Leo talks with Kim Arnett about her interviewing and hiring experiences and what she's learned to improve the process for the candidate and the company as well.
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Interviewing Techniques

  • Removing Anxiety for the Process
  • Testing Skills Properly
  • Importance of Communication and People Skills
  • Creating a Welcoming Environment 
  • Clear Intentions and Company Buy-In 
  • Clear Job Postings

What to Ask Company During Interview

  • Find out about Turnover
  • How's their Diversity
  • What's their Day-to-Day Schedule
  • What's their priority for Mobile Development and iOS

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