1. Episode #115
  2. Feb 12, 2022
  3. 51m
  4. 51m

Indie Dev #4 - Making an App Best-in-Class with Jordan Morgan

Indie Dev #4 - Making an App Best-in-Class with Jordan Morgan

In the fourth episode of our series on indie development, we chatted with Jordan Morgan about building and selling SpendStack as well as his new book series "A Best-in-Class iOS App".
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Show Notes

  • How to manage your time as a side gig
  • How to decide what apps to work on
  • Why learning about the competition is important
  • Using SwiftUI and CloudKit in 2022
  • How getting an acquired works
  • On writing his book series - The Best-in-Class iOS App
  • Why accessibility is important
  • Can you learn design
  • Why you shouldn't start with design
  • Why you need to be able to describe your app in one sentence
  • Pros and cons of low vs high fidelity
  • Why the tone of your app is important

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