1. Episode #132
  2. Sep 25, 2022
  3. 41m
  4. 44m

Open and Extensible with Matt Massicotte

Open and Extensible with Matt Massicotte

Matt Massicotte comes on the program to talk about the development of his app Chime and how he's using the new framework ExtensionKit along with Open-Source to be an extensible macOS app.
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Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/dc7x04Ao2xU

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Open Source and Mac App

  • Fear of dependencies
  • What’s the benefit of doing it in open source
  • What kind of open source licenses are there
  • How can you avoid your code being copied outside the license
  • For a larger company what benefits do they get by open sourcing part of their code base?
  • How does open sourcing work with iOS/mac apps and the App Store


  • What is ExtensionKit and how are you using it?
  • How is it related to XPC
  • How does something like this get installed and distributed 
  • How does Sandboxing relate to this
  • What are some good candidates for using ExtensionKit
  • Have you looked at the work iOS, watchOS, or tvOS?

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